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More from Westwater

Posted by abramjanson on April 2, 2009



Traveling mercies.


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Westwater. Speechless.

Posted by abramjanson on March 27, 2009

Greeting Friends! 

Phew… so the return to school has been less than relaxing… that’s for sure.  I missed two days of classes on the back end of SB which has made for an interesting start to the last half of the semester. School aside… Life is sooo good.


The Spring River Trip through Ruby, Horsethief, and Westerwater Canyons was incredible.  Good times and great oldies for sure.  I’ll give you guys a short run down of the happenings of last week.


Flew into Denver International Airport. Picked up by my good friend Adam Callaway.  Chilled in Denver for the night.  Woke up in the morning, packed all our gear in his car and made the 2 1/2 hour trek out to Buena Vista.  Grabbed a $5 footy from Subway and made our way to Noah’s.  Met up with 6 other guides going on the trip and packed the trailers.  Went to Rob’s house which is in BV for the evening for pizza.  Bed time.


Woke up @ 5:30 AM. Met the entire crew of 22 @ Noah’s @ 6.  Stopped at Bongo’s for coffee.  Jumped in vehicles and headed to Grand Junction, CO. De-rigged trailers, pumped boats, packed dry bags, loaded gear on rafts and “rigged it to flip” and set out.  


Arrived at our first campsite in Ruby Canyon. Set up camp. Relaxed. Talked around the fire. Ate dinner. (We ate like kings by the way…. food was so legit… Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, brownies cooked over the fire, pork tenderloin, baked potatoes in the fire, homemade peach pie, fajitas with all the fixings… etc. 🙂 )


Woke up the next morning eventually… ate breakfast, packed up the rafts and headed out for a stretch of water called Horsethief…  Incredible scenery… Good times… Lazy times on the riv… Time on the raft was the best. No schedule… Nowhere to go… nothing to do… no agenda… only thing to do is enjoy yourself and the incredible people your with.  This schedule was what the next three days consisted of… It was incredible.  Here a few pictures of Horsethief.


The last two days we headed into Westwater Canyon.  We camped at the MOST INCREDIBLE campsite I have ever stayed at.  Pictures don’t do justice… nor do my words.  We set up camp on a bend of the Colorado…  The other side of the river… 500 foot cliff… Sandy beach… huge black rocks and boulders… the whole nine.  I took a little video to try to demonstrate the awesomeness of it… but again… does not do justice.  I will post videos soon…


The last day was rounded out with more incredible water and some super sweet rapids as we headed out of Westwater.  

Pullout was in Cisco, Utah… Yes… We went from Colorad to Utah.


Incredible times. Only motivated me more for this summer. 🙂
I leave you with more pictures of the trip.  BLESS!


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Posted by abramjanson on March 18, 2009

greetings my friends.  


currently chilling in denver.  my friend adam picked me up after a day of planes from the denver airport.  we are just chilling at his house, packing, and getting ready for the trip.  we’ll head for BV tomorrow morning to make our way to some whitewater. westwater canyon is our destination. should be great times.  


keep us in your prayers as we search to live life to the full. 

traveling mercies!


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