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wooden vespa.

Posted by abramjanson on February 13, 2009

“Woody!” And I get punched yet another time on a mutli-hour trip across country… and even the 5 minute midnight spurts into Steak and Shake was likely to have a bit more excitement with the games of old… Or so that used to be the game of choice while trapped in  a car. Complete with the “Slug Bug,”Banana,” “Tweeter” and “Stag.”  These were the days of my youth. And they were good days. They were great days. No cares. No worries. There never was anything quite better than spotting that shiny wood panelling a few hundred feet away and delivering a crushing blow to the thigh of the unsuspecting passenger next to you.  What accomplishment. Victorious. Where have these days gone?  To this question I fail to have the answer… However… if anybody is interested in bringing the days of old back from the dead, be on the look out for one of these peaches in a city near you. Well… actually you will probably have to travel to Europe to lay your eyes on one… But how utterly sweet.  Yes… I know what you are thinking… This is the ultimate “Woody to end all woodys!” (The pun is not intended… but could be amusing… if you are 5)

Traveling Mercies friends.




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