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Posted by abramjanson on June 4, 2009

I received a voicemail last Sunday morning and it went something like this… “Hey bro.  This is Jeremy… I hope all is well and that you are going to be around this week… because Jake and I are in Iowa on our way out to see you.”   


What a blessing.  It was a great treat to get to spend some quality time with old friends… Even though I had to work full time for two of the days… it was soooo good.   


They got a little taste of the fun I get to have daily on the riv on Monday afternoon… Monday night we drove my 4Runner up a super sketchy road half way up Mt. Princeton and hung out there for hours drinking hot chocolate and catching up on each others lives.  It was awesome.  

It truly was a blessing to have those guys out here.  It was a really tangible expression of friendship and truly made me feel loved by their sacrifices of time and money.




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hello, backcountry.

Posted by abramjanson on May 25, 2009

I will be escaping into the Colorado backcountry for approximately 6 days starting tomorrow morning.  I am looking forward to a great time of rest, relaxation, and fellowship with friends.  Tomorrow is part of our last training block for the summer.  The jist of the trip is this… We will get blindfolded… driven into the mountains for about an hour… dropped off… given four maps not knowing where we are on any of them and told to be at a certain destination in 5 days. 


Should be a blast. 🙂 Seriously… can’t wait. 


I’ll be in touch next weekend. Here is a little updated picture of my appearance as of late… 🙂  

Photo 37 



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Christ-Centered Relationships.

Posted by abramjanson on May 4, 2009

Greetings friends.


I feel this is quite the popular topic of discussion… and it should be.  We are relational beings. I am a relational being. I have alluded to that before here.  Having been in only a single exclusive relationship I can’t talk about my many experiences in different relationships… but I can talk exclusively about the single one.  

The relationship I was a part of was great.  It was.  She was a quality girl. She’s legit.  But… the problem wasn’t her so much… I mean… It wasn’t really her at all.  The problem rested much more on the shoulders of this guy [two thumbs pointing inward].  It was a very selfish one-sided affair.  I put in what I could when it was convenient… and usually not much more than that.  The priorities were all mixed up.  It wasn’t about glorifying anybody or anything… but myself.  Regardless… I will stop there.  The reason of this is not to share with you about my past relationship… for many of you know most of the details anyways.  

The purpose of this entry is to present to all of you one of the most incredible pieces of truth I have ever heard on the topic of “Christ-Centered Relationships.”  I do not claim to be a wise man… but I know of a few.  Francis Chan as many of you know is pretty high up on my list of admired people.  He and his wife did a series a while ago on Christ-Centered Relationships.  It was a three-week series in their church and they go taught it.  I stumbled upon it the other day.  Looking for some entertainment for the long drive to school every morning… I loaded it on the iPod and gave it a wurl.  No joke… it was captivating.  The first sermon wasn’t done when I reached school… but I couldn’t turn it off. I sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes until the end.  All through school, I couldn’t wait for the drive home so I could listen to Part 2.  Then I couldn’t wait for the drive to school again the next morning so I could soak in Part 3.

Maybe I have just wrote off talks about relationships before… or maybe they fell on deaf ears… or maybe I am finally at a place in my life where I was ready for it now… and needed it.   It rocked my world.  Francis and his wife simply present truth in such a manner that I was seriously convicted about my past relationship and learned so much about what my future one will look like.


I am not kidding. Everyone needs to listen to this series. Single… married… engaged… divorced…  You must listen to it… and then pass it on… Pay it forward. You have to.  

You can access it here.  Once at the site click on Get A Sermon in the bottom right corner.  This will bring up a new window.  Scroll down through the sermons until you find the gold.  The money balls are dated 7/27/08,8/10/08, and 8/17/08.  Obviously… it would be who of you to listen to them in the correct order… Part 1 first… and so on.  Download them… put them on the iPod… and do nothing but soak in some serious truth.  

I’m not married… But I think it might change your marriage.  I’m not engaged… but I think it might change your relationship… I’m not lonely… but I think it might comfort you in your time of singleness.


Please… Let me know what you think. 

Post a comment or give it to me a abramjanson@huntington.edu


Traveling mercies.

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moving over.

Posted by abramjanson on February 12, 2009

i am simply giving this a shot. new venue. new found blogging spirit. check back often.p7050317_21



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