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necklaces for change.

Posted by abramjanson on February 16, 2009

Ben Swartz is the man.  Ben is a guy I got the privilege to meet this year and actually got to play with last season as well…  He is just an awesome guy and really has a heart for service.  In one of my first conversations with him I asked him, “Where’s your heart?  What makes you tick?”  The first thing he responded with was, “Missions.”  I was like oh great… another one of those missions majors who wants to make a change in another country but is too shy to “practice” here in the American bubble… Yes… I am cynical. 


Then I posed this question, “What are you majoring in?”

The response, “Nursing.”

Ok… this kid is getting better… Then I gave him the stinger.

“What is the ultimate goal with your degree?”

The response, “Open an orphanage.”

This kid is legit. His truly believes and knows he is called to open an orphanage.  To support this calling… he began to make little necklaces and bracelets to sell in which 100% of the small profit he makes gets banked in order to provide for this dream. So… check out this new little website he had put together.  Support the cause. 


traveling mercies


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