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The Agenda: Education

Posted by abramjanson on March 2, 2009

YES WE CAN: The tagline of America these days.  

Many have said Obama is a socialist… some have gone as far as claiming he’s a communist… obviously the jury is still out. However… more than anything in my fair political ignorance… I am simply going to call him an idealist.  What makes him different than any other president or politician for that matter?  Each of them have or have had their own ideas to make the world a better place… to make our country stronger… but the problem with ideas is many times they remain simply that; ideas.  We are ushering in a new season of leadership in this country and we are looking for change. For crying out… change better come… and God willing… quickly.  Times are tough. 


I came across some idea(ls) that are coming down the pike from the New Administration.  These specific ones pertain to education and the educational system.  There are some great things in here and I can see the idea behind each of them… however… call me a skeptic… call me a cynic… call me apathetic… but I’ll believe the change when I see it.  I hope it comes. I really do.  The changes are needed… but will they ever come to fruition… and move from not just idea(ls)… but action?   


God, I hope so. In His good and perfect timing. 


Check out the new literature here.


Anybody have any thoughts to engage in a conversation?

Traveling mercies.


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