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great success.

Posted by abramjanson on February 25, 2009

Week two of AJ’s Diner… GREAT SUCCESS.  

By the numbers:

5 Dozen Eggs

Pancake Recipe Single Batch X 8 (whatever the word for doubling it four times is….  octoubling??)

2 Loaves of Bread

Three Gallons of Milk

Two Gallons of Juice

4 packages of bacon

1 bag of cheese

1 Game of trivia with Atkins

3 Games of Catch Phrase

38 friends and new people gathered together in a two bedroom apartment… like I said… Great SUCCESS!


Oh… and yes… I am going to throw out the God card here… One of the coolest things that happened on Saturday night was after all was said and done… We broke exactly even with the donations to food cost ratio.  When I say exactly even… I mean… to the dollar.  What an awesome thing to happen!  It allows for us to continue this event on a regular basis.  Divinely taken care of? I think so.  So good.

The Diner has been just a great time and blessing in our lives.  We are slowly growing and seeing new people each week… and the latter is the ultimate goal.  Loving it.   


Curious as to what the diner is?  Head over to my old blog to check out the start of this little shindig.

The quick synopsis…. We invite everybody and anybody over to Atkins apartment and cook whoever comes breakfast… at night. 
traveling mercies.


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