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Free burrito(s).

Posted by abramjanson on November 1, 2009

ChipotleWho knew?  We did.

Yesterday, October 31st, is a day to live in infamy.  Chipotle was giving out free burritos yesterday if you came dressed as a burrito.  Yes, it’s true.  Therefore, we raided three different Chipotle’s on the north side of Indy within an hour donning tin foil hats, glasses, bibs, and masks in the finest fashion.  And yes… three visits means three burritos.  What am I having for dinner today you ask… well a Chipotle burrito of course… Have to… It was free. 🙂


Sorry you missed out.





One Response to “Free burrito(s).”

  1. Mom said

    I hope you got pictures! Nice job my little burrito!

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